Will Johnstone: An Artist's Journey

  'Cloud Structure' by Will Johnstone, Artist.  

Art is life, brushing paint onto canvas, hammering silver, chiseling stone, placing ink onto paper: an existential dance of hands and eyes, media and mind; a beginning, a journey, an exploration, a struggle, a discovery, a resolution. And then? Keep on keeping on!


"Solstice of the Baktun", 60" x 36", acrylic on canvas, Denver, 2012

'Solstice' by Will Johnstone, Artist

The Mayan Baktun ended and began at the Solstice of December 21, 2012.

"Cloud Structure", 24" x 72", acrylic on canvas, Santa Fe, 2019

'Cloud Structure' by Will Johnstone, Artist.

Brush-hammered clouds of color diffusion across and within edges, contrasts and accents not related to imagery, an ongoing exploration in an experiential moment on a canvas in time.

"Overview", 24" x 72", acrylic on canvas, Santa Fe, 2018 - 2019

'Overview' by Will Johnstone, Artist.

A perspective across the universe of time, within sight of changes in ecosystems, species, and civilization. We cannot be immune from tomorrows of parched lands, barren mountains, plant life encapsulated, communities crumbling into archaeological mounds.

"Self Portrait", 22" x 30", acrylic on heavy paper, Paris, 1993

'Self Portrait' by Will Johnstone, Artist.

Twelve "Pandemic Paintings", 12" x 9" each, acrylic on canvas, Santa Fe, April 2020

'Pandemic Paintings' by Will Johnstone, Artist.

The lighter paintings are created by simultaneously sponge-hammering multiple points of a single color across some portion of the canvas, letting it dry, repeating with a different color across some other portion of the canvas, letting this dry, then repeating with yet another color.

The darker paintings have a brushed-on Burnt Umber base coat upon which a very heavy body Mars Black is randomly thickly splotch-hammered on with a palette knife, dried, then lightly side-swiped from one direction with a single color on a palette knife, let dry, then side-swiped from a different direction with a different color. In the lower right painting above, the two white lines and the geometrical structure can be interpreted as masks and distancing, with some little yellow undesirables inbetween.

'Heavy Black Texture' by Will Johnstone, Artist.

Detail of heavily textured Mars Black on Burnt Umber, Acrylic on canvas