About Will Johnstone

I grew up in the north valley of Albuquerque, along the westward stretch of old Hwy 66 as it passes through New Mexico, among the alfalfa fields and irrigation ditches of the Rio Grande, between the Sandia Mountains to the east, the volcanoes and usually dry Rio Puerco to the west, San Ysidro, Los Alamos and Santa Fe to the north, Isleta, Belen and Socorro south. I began painting in the colors of the mountains and mesas, arroyos and deserts, turquoise days and deep dark starry nights in which I lived and hiked and dreamed. I collected a lot of rocks, found fossilized dinosaur bones, hand made silver and turquoise jewelry, raised rabbits and chickens and goats, pruned the orchards, irrigated the gardens and fields, loaded alfalfa bales into the back of an old blue Studebaker truck, carved decorative wooden lentils, built with adobe mud. My children, my wife, places we explored and lived, adventures shared, discoveries, challenges, joys, struggles, fulfillments. Wow! What a wonderful life!

  'Cloud Structure' by Will Johnstone, Artist.