Will Johnstone: An Artist's Journey

Poetry by Will Johnstone

ISBN 978-0-615-41331-0 'Quailbob', Poetry by Will Johnstone, Artist

Copyright © Will Johnstone

Ah, Saint Sebastian!

Ah, Saint Sebastian!

I must apologize
for not having hailed you
five days ago
upon your walk
around the lake

You see, I was in a discussion with a white
and glowing angel who had delivered to me
a sort of ultimatum, so to speak, like, get your
shit together,
surely you know that line.

I just did not then remember to look up.

What is it that you did, Sebastian,
way back then?
I just don't remember that either

You see, I was never really truly
a devoted fan.

I do remember cursing,
and not having been immediately sent wherever,
decided then that the problem was human,
not theological.
I have never worried about it since.

Sebastian, really, what did you do?

I have drunk wine enough and ale from a local brew,
but never have I felt
myself on the verge of Sainthood.

Could you have tasted something stronger?

Oh Sebastian, Sebastian, Sebastian
Give me a clue.

Is it me?

Or is it you?

      ... April 28, 2010

I bought a leather hat on a back road in Maine

I bought a leather hat on a back road in Maine
I bought amber beads in a flea market in Copenhagen
I bought one night's room in Vancouver, Canada
I bought inspiration at a poetry reading in Santa Fe

I paid sixteen dollars for the hat
I paid 30 Kroner for the amber
I paid 38 Canadian for the room
I paid for the inspiration by opening
wine bottles at the reading
in Santa Fe

In my isolation travelling the world
I had forgotten that struggling with
a moment
with others
of the moment
to make of the moment
the moment
and together
of dreams
come true
Is more difficult than
and inspiration

      ...after 1994

Once I was an Earthquake

Once I was an Earthquake
That's all
Just a tremble in the ground
Something to remember

Today I am the storm
With gale and thunder
Drenching rain
But most of all the darkness
burst by glaring light
and sound
A sort of tingling awe
Soaking through the skin

Just the wind.

      ...1967 - 1968

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